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Mackintosh Upright Piano Cover - 39" High

Out of stock - Call for Availability

Mackintosh Upright Piano Cover- 39" High

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Out of stock - Call for Availability
These Quilted Covers Are Manufactured Of High Quality Nylon With A Soft, Snag-Proof Poly Propylene Backing To Provide Soft Contact With The Instrument Finish. They Provide Economical Dust And Scratch Protection. Mackintosh Covers Are Manufactured Of Cotton Drill Cloth Laminated To A Flannel Underside Fro Soft Contact With Instrument Finish. They Are Available In Black Or Dark Brown.
Description & Size Macintosh Cover Quilted Cover
4'6" - 4'8" M102 Q102
4'11" - 5'2" M104 Q104
5'3" - 5'6" M106 Q106
5'7" - 5'9" M108 Q108
5'10" - 6'0" M110 Q110
6'1" - 6'3" M112 Q112
6'6" - 6' 9" M114 Q114
6' 10" - 7' 0" M116 Q116
7'4" - 7' 6" M118 Q118
9'0" - 9' 1" M120 Q120
Uprights**(Verticals Up To 59"W X 26"D) Closed Back
X 34" High M202 Q202
X 39" High M204 Q204
X 44" High M206 Q206
X 48" High M208 Q208
X 52" High M210 Q210
X 56" High M212 Q212
X 58" High M214 Q214
Artist Bench M302 Q302
Spinet Organ
59"W X 26"D X 34" H M302 Q302
39"W X 23"D X 34"H M304 Q304
45"W X 25½"D X 37½"H M306 Q306
48"W X 25"D X 34½"H M308 Q308
Small Organ
42"W X 25"D X 33"H
M402 Q402
Medium Organ
49"W X 27"D X 34"H
M404 Q404
Meduum Organ
49"W X 29"D X 39"H
M406 Q406
Medium Organ
50" W X 29½"D X 49"H
M408 Q408
Medium Organ
53"W X 32"D X 38"H
M410 Q410
Medium Organ
63"W X 33"D X 49"H
M412 Q412
Accessory Covers
Spinet Bench
15"H X 30" X 19"H
M502 Q502
Duet Bench
15"H X 35"W X 19"H
M504 Q504
Special Measuring Instruction For All Covers
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