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The New School Year is Upon Us... Time to Rent with our Great Rental Program!

Brook Mays believes in enabling the creativity of our local musicians. Teaching our children music is one of our very top priorities, and we have set up our rental program with that in mind.

Our rental website was made with you in mind.

Quickly find what you or your child need with just a few clicks!


After selecting your school, you will quickly see what your child's educator recommends. This will help you quickly see what is needed and keep you from having to search the web for a list of various items that are necessary for your child's growth.

You will breathe easy knowing that your child's instrument and supplies are protected by the most inclusive, robust protection and maintenance plan in the country.

Now you can concentrate on the music and leave your worries behind.


Our low prices, easy process, strong support and quality products produce, quite simply, amazing results!

We love the fact that we have supplied instruments to our communities for decades, and take pride in the our ability to do so with top of the line service.

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