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Restore, Repair, and Reenergize Your Instrument


We have fully trained, highly skilled repair technicians at every Brook Mays and H&H Music location. Our stores are ready and standing by to repair your instrument.


Now Offering Ultrasonic Cleaning Services

Ultrasonic cleaning uses “Simultaneous Multi Frequency” sound waves to agitate a liquid. This agitation blast’s and thoroughly removes all traces of dirt, grime and contamination tightly adhering or embedded onto the instrument. This action also penetrates blind holes, cracks, and recesses not reachable by other cleaning methods.

The ultrasonic cleaner has a variable heat control to provide the optimal cleaning temperature and an adjustable power intensity control. The higher the frequency, the smaller the nodes, which allow for cleaning of the intricate details found in musical instruments.

The use of ultrasonic sound waves is also a ‘greener’ alternative to the harsh chemicals and compounds traditionally used in the manufacture and repair of band instruments. Only a mild  leaning agent is needed when used in tandem with the ultrasonic sound waves. The instrument is thoroughly cleaned (inside and out) in places that even the best repair techs find difficult or nearly impossible to clean.

Our 90-gallon stainless steel ultrasonic cleaner is large enough to immerse and clean a tuba or several smaller instruments simultaneously. A basket supporting the instrument and parts is lowered into the heated solution to make sure that all of the surfaces of the instrument are subjected to the ultrasonic sound waves. Repair technicians will completely disassemble and repair the instrument before immersion. After an ultrasonic cleaning of the instrument and appropriate parts or components, the repair tech will rinse the instrument, removing any solution left on  he instrument before reassembling.

The Food and Drug Administration and the Center for Disease Control have called the sanitizing of musical wind instruments “a valid public health issue consistent with the universal recautions adhered to in medical settings relative to instruments contaminated with body fluids” and considers “sanitation of musical wind instruments a valid health concern.”

Brook Mays Music and H & H Music, welcomes you to bring your instrument in for repair or a professional cleaning. All locations have experienced technicians and every location has an  ltrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaning is now a standard component of all brass instrument flushes. Plastic and metal woodwind instruments will be cleaned ultrasonically as part of full service cleanings.

Top of the Line Rental Services

Our Plan Outperforms the Rest

We cover mysterious disappearances
Others do not

If instrument is damaged beyond repair, we replace it
Others do not

If a replacement is required, you retain your equity
Others just forgive your remaining payments, but do not give you another instrument

We have in-store repair facilities in every location
You do not have to wait for the instrument tobe shipped elsewhere


If Anything Goes Wrong We Cover It
String Instruments:
  • Broken Bridges
  • Broken Tuning Pegs
  • Broken Necks
  • Tailpiece Adjustments
  • Cracked Sides
  • Unglued Fingerboards
  • Broken Fingerboards
  • Broken Sound Posts
  • Bow Repairs
  • Broken Strings
  • Broken Scrolls
  • Cracked Tops
  • Cracked Backs
  • Unglued Seams
  • Broken Seams
  • Bow Re-Hairs
Brass Instruments:
  • Dent Work
  • Valve Work
  • Rotor Work
  • Hand Slide Repairs
  • Stuck Mouthpieces
  • Water Key Repairs
  • Frozen Slides
  • Solder Points 
Woodwind Instruments:
  • Pad Adjustments
  • Post Adjustments
  • Rod Replacements
  • Key Adjustments
  • Spring Replacements
  • Spring Adjustments
  • Cracks in Wood
  • Cracks in Joints
  • Rod Adjustments
  • Pad Replacements
  • Post Replacements
  • Tenon Corks
  • Bumper Felts
  • Key Corks
  • Plastic Tone Holes Tenon Cracks
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