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Bach Trombone Mega Tome Mouthpiece- 5G

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Genuine Vincent Bach Mouthpieces Are The Best Available In The World. Bach Mouthpieces Are Designed To Meet Every Conceivable Playing Need And Have For Nearly Three Quarters Of A Century. A Bach Mouthpiece Will Make A Poor Instrument Play Well, A Good Instrument Play Better. Volume And Excellent Intonation; Ease Of Response In The High And Low Register; Rich, Uniform Timbre Throughout The Range; Resistance Calculated To Increase The Player'S Endurance - These Characteristics Explain Why The Best Professional Artists Choose Bach.

To Create The Mega Tone, Selmer Started With Genuine Vincent Bach Mouthpiece Designs, Then More Than Doubled The Outside Mass. This Darkens The Soud And Allows You To Play At Higher Dynamic Levels Without Distorting. Mega Tone Slots Extremely Well So Pitches Center Dependable. A Slightly Larger Throat Affords Less Resistance And Greater Flexibility. The Result Is A Warmer, More Powerful Sound That'S Perfect In The Concert Hall, And Adds A New Dimension To Pop And Jazz Playing.

The Bach Mega Tone In Cross-Section. Note The Inner Contours Are Precisely The Same As The Original Bach Mouthpiece, So You Can Expect The Same Basic Playability. However, The Additional Mass On The Outside (More Than Double The Original) Allows You To Put More Drive Behind Your Playing And Gives You A Darker, More Powerful Sound. The Mega Tone Throat Is Slightly Larger Than Standard, To Open Up The Feel And Response, Giving You More Flexibility.
  • Cup Depth: Deep
  • Cup Diameter: 25.50Mm
  • Rim Shape: Medium Wide, Semi-Flat.
  • Description: Same Rim Shape And Diameter As No. 5 Small Shank Tenor Trombone. Fairly Large And Deep, With A Dark, Mellow Tone, Favoring The Low Register. .277" 'J' Throat/429 Backbore.

In Choosing A Special Combinatoin Of Rim, Cup, Throat, And Backbore Designs, Consider The Effects Of Each:
  • Rim
    • Wide: Increases Endurance
    • Narrow: Improves Flexibility And Range
    • Round: Improves Comfort
    • Sharp: Increases Brilliance, Precision Of Attack
  • Cup
    • Large: Increases Volume And Control
    • Small: Relieves Fatigue And Weakness
    • Deep: Darkens Tone, Especially In Low Register
    • Shallow: Brightens Tone, Improves Resonse, Especially In High Register
  • Throat
    • Large: Increases Blowing Freedom, Volume, Tone; Sharpens High Register (Largest Sizes Also Sharpen Low Register.)
    • Small: Increases Resistance, Endurance, Brilliance; Flattens High Register
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Out of stock - Call for Availability
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