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Fibracell Medium Soft Alto Saxophone Reed 2 1/2

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Fibracell Medium Soft Alto Saxophone Reed

With Fibracell (The Reed, Reed Players Have Been Waiting For) You Get:
  • The Same "Woody" Tone As Cane But With Better Sound Projection.
  • A Reed That Is Great For Doublers Because It Does Not Require Soaking.
  • A Reed That Is Playable In All Weather Conditions, Not Affected By Heat Or Humidity.
  • A Reed That Doesn'T Swell, Warp Or Soften When Wet.
  • A Reed That Lasts Up To Six Times Longer Than Cane With No Unplayable Reeds, Making It Less Expensive To Use Than Cane.
  • Quick Response For Better Articulation, Excellent Pitch Stability And Intonation In All Ranges, Even For The Clarinet.
  • Brilliant Overtones For A Full, Vibrant, Resonant Tone.
  • A Reed With The Same Weight And Stiffness As Cane - Cane Floats And So Does Fibracell (Try That With A Plastic Reed!)
  • A Reed That Keeps Its Shape And Retains Resiliency Longer Than Cane.
  • Outstanding Durability, Due To A Bonded Film On The Bottom That Helps Resist Tip Splitting.
  • A Product That Is Made In The Usa, By A Former Music Educator.
What You Don'T Get Is: Cane'S Inconsistent Quality And Short Life.

What Is Fibracell?

Fibracell Has Studied Natural Cane Reed Material Under A Microscope And Used The Most Advanced Fibers And Composites From The Aerospace Industry To Exactly Duplicate The Properties Of Natural Cane Reed Material. Very Stiff But Sound Absorbing Kevlar Fibers Are Suspended In A Lightweight Resin Formulation. It Took The Inventor, David W. Shaffer, Over A Decade Of Research To Get The Numbers Of Fibers, Spacing, Density Of Matrix, Position Of Voids And Other Variables Just Right, But It Was Worth It.

Fibracell Is Manufactured To Exacting Production Standards And Is Precisely Machined And Trimmed For A Consistently Perfect Shape.

Experts In The Fields Of Both Music And Manufacturing Have Spent Many Years Perfecting The Formulas And Processes Used To Make Fibracell Reed Material And To Shape It Into Reeds That Play The Way Musicians Have Always Wanted But Only Rarely Found In Natural Cane.

In Short, Fibracell Is The Epitome Of Consistency And Quality. To The Musician, That Means A Reed That Won'T Let You Down.
ASK AN EXPERT We're here and ready to help! 800-637-8966 Hablamos Español
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