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Stretto #3 Clarinet Reeds, Box of 5

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Stretto #3 Clarinet Reeds

Box of 5

These high-quality reeds are manufactured from the finest cane that is free from chemical products and free from pesticides.

The Stretto? Story

Stretto? Reeds is becoming one of the leading manufacturers of world-class hand processed reeds for woodwind instruments. The raw materials are known as Arundo donax, a tall perennial cane, which has been planted and naturalized in the mild temperature at the family plantation at the foot of the Andes Mountains.

Over decades, through intense involvement and quality control at every stage through cultivation, production, manufacturing and distribution, we meet the needs of the most demanding musicians. In addition to our deep commitment to the environment, quality is prioritized by choosing only the best raw material and manufactured using the latest technologies.

Our plantation in Argentina gives birth to a noble raw material which is being processed with state of the art technologies and under rigorous quality controls. The result is impeccable products. Our Arundo donax has hollow stems 3 to 5 cm thick and up to 8m tall. The temperate climate is characterized by warm and dry summer and mild winters. Our concern is the health of the soil system as it is one of the main factors affecting quality and productivity.

After careful testing and cultivation for decades, the cane used to make Stretto? Reeds became world famous with makers world-wide. For the first two decades of the company, the raw cane was sold to famous reed makers in France and other countries.

In recent years, the company acquired new machinery which enabled daily production of reeds. Today, Stretto? Reeds have become a synonym of prestige and quality throughout South America. Stretto? Reeds are now being sold through select dealers in the USA, Europe and Asia. No pesticides or chemicals are used in the production of our product. Our commitment to the biological development of the raw material and its environment is also evident in the recyclable nature of the packaging of the products.

The name Stretto is a musical term. Stretto is typically employed during the end of a fugue, where it usually signals the arrival of the fugue?s conclusion in a climactic fashion. We feel that the name has additional meaning because of the increasing intensity of world-class materials working in harmony with the environment and the state of the art technology used to manufacture the world?s best woodwind reeds which serve to display fugue-like contrapuntal prowess.

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Out of stock - Call for Availability
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