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 Instrument Tuners
YT250 Yamaha Chromatic Tuner
 Soprano Recorders
YRS20BG Yamaha Yrs-20B Recorder Sour Apple Green
YRS20BP Yamaha Yrs-20B Recorder Bubble Gum Pink
YRS20BB Yamaha YRS-20B Recorder Cotton Candy Blue
YRS24B Yamaha Soprano Recorder Baroque 3 Piece Key Of C
YRS23 Yamaha Soprano Recorder German C 3 Piece
YRS24B2PK Yamaha Soprano Recorder Baroque 3 Piece - 2 Pack
YRS302B YRS-302B Soprano Recorder - Baroque 3 Pc.
YRS312B Yamaha 3-Piece Soprano Recorder
YRS314B Yamaha Soprano Recorder- Rottenburg
 Harmony Recorders
YRN22B Yamaha 2-Piece Sopranino Recorder
YRF21 Yamaha 2-Piece Plastic Fife
YRN302B Yamaha Sopranino Plastic Recorder In F
YRA28B Yamaha Alto Recorder - Key Of F
YRA312B Yamaha Alto Recorder- Baroque Key Of F
YRA314B Yamaha Alto Recorder- Ebony
YRT304B Yamaha Tenor Recorder- Baroque C 3 Piece
YRB302B Yamaha Bass Recorder- Baroque F 4 Piece
 Guitar/Bass Tuners
YT150 Yamaha Guitar & Bass Auto Tuner
 Bags, Cases, & Covers
YMATBP Tuba Shield w/ Yamaha Logo
 Trumpet Mouthpieces
YACTR16C4 Yamaha 16C4 Trumpet Mouthpiece
YACTR11B4 Yamaha 11B4 Trumpet Mouthpiece
YACTR11C4 Yamaha 11C4 Trumpet Mouthpiece
YTR13A4A Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece 13A4A
YTR14A4A Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece 14A4A
YTR16C4 Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece 16C4
YACTR14B4 Yamaha 14B4 Trumpet Mouthpiece
YACTR14C4 Yamaha 14C4 Trumpet Mouthpiece
YACSHEWJAZZ Yamaha Bobby Shew Jazz Trumpet Mouthpiece
YACSHEWLEAD Yamaha Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet Mouthpiece
YACTR14B4HGPR Yamaha 14B4 Trumpet Mthpc - Gold Plated Rim/Cup
YACTR16C4HGPR Yamaha 16C4 Trumpet Mthpc. - Gold Plated Rim/Cup
 Baritone/Trombone (Small Shank) Mouthpieces
YACCL45C2 Yamaha 45C2 Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece
YSL45C212C Yamaha Trombone Mouthpiece
YACSL48 Yamaha 48 Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece
 Baritone/Trombone (Large Shank) Mouthpieces
YACSLL51D Yamaha 51D Large Shank Trombone Mouthpiece
YACSLL48 Yamaha 48 Large Shank Trombone Mouthpiece
YACSLL48GPR Yamaha 48 Tbn Mthpc-Lg Shank-Gold Plated Rim/Cup
 Cornet Mouthpieces
YACCR11C4 Yamaha 11C4 Cornet Mouthpiece - Short Shank
YACCRL14B4 Yamaha 14B4 Cornet Mouthpiece - Long Shank
 French Horn Mouthpieces
YACHR30C4 Yamaha 30C4 French Horn Mouthpiece
YACHR32C4 Yamaha 32C4 French Horn Mouthpiece
 Tuba Mouthpieces
YACBB67 Yamaha 67 Tuba Mouthpiece
YACBB67C4 Yamaha 67C4 Tuba Mouthpiece
YACBOBOSYMREP Roger Bobo Symphonic Tuba Mthpc. - Replica Series
YACBOBOSOLOREP Roger Bobo Solo Tuba Mouthpiece - Replica Series
YBB67C4 Yamaha Tuba Mouthpiece
 Brass Specialty Mouthpieces
YACAH37C4 Yamaha 37C4 Alto Horn Mouthpiece
YACFH14F4 Yamaha 14F4 Flugelhorn Mouthpiece
YACFH16F4 Yamaha 16F4 Flugelhorn Mouthpiece
YACBL58 Yamaha 58 Bass Trombone Mouthpiece
YACYEOREP Doug Yeo Bass Trombone - Replica Series
YACFH14F4GPR Yamaha 14F4 Flugelhorn Mthpc - Gold Plated Rim/Cup
YACYEO Yamaha Doug Yeo Bass Trombone Mouthpiece
YACBOBOSOLO Yamaha Roger Bobo Solo Tuba Mouthpiece
 Sousa Necks & Tuning Bits
Y5L 45 Degree Lacquer Tuning Bit - Fits Yamaha
Y6L 20 Degree Lacquer Tuning Bit - Fits Yamaha
Y5S 45 Degree Silver Tuning Bit - Fits Yamaha
Y6S 20 Degree Silver Tuning Bit - Fits Yamaha
Y7L Lacquer Sousaphone neck - fits Yamaha
Y7S Silver Plated Sousaphone neck - fits Yamaha
SPYL Yamaha Sousa Neck & Bits Pack - Lacquer
SPYS Yamaha Sousa Neck & Bits Pack - Silver
 Clarinet Mouthpieces
YAC1266 Yamaha Clarinet Plastic 4C Mouthpiece
 Soprano Sax Mouthpieces
YAC1282 Yamaha Soprano Sax 5C Plastic Mouthpiece
Y1281 Yamaha Bb Sop/Sax Mpce 4C
 Alto Sax Mouthpieces
Y1286 Yamaha Eb Alto/Sax Mpce 4C
YAC1286 Yamaha Alto Saxophone Plastic Mouthpiece- 4C
Y1287 Yamaha Eb Alto/Sax Mpce 5C
 Tenor Sax Mouthpieces
Y1292 Yamaha Bb Tenor Sax Mpce 5C
Y1291 Yamaha Bb Tenor Sax Mouthpiece 4C Plastic
YAC1292 Yamaha Tenor Sax 5C Plastic Mouthpiece
YAC1290 Yamaha Tenor Sax 3C Plastic Mouthpiece
 Bari Sax Mouthpieces
Y1295 Yamaha Eb Bari Sax Mpce 5C
 Bass Clarinet Mouthpieces
YAC1276 Yamaha Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece 4C
 Specialty Instrument Mouthpieces
Y1270 Yamaha Alto/Clar Mpce 4C
Y1261 Yamaha Eb Sop/Clar Mpc 4C
YFH11F4 Yamaha Fluegelhrn Mpce
 Additional Accessories
YAC1085P Yamaha Mouthpiece Brush
 Valve Oil
YACVVO Yamaha Valve Oil
YACRVO Yamaha Superior Valve Oil - Regular
 Rotary Oil
YAC1013P Yamaha Rotor Spindle Oil
 Slide Cream
YAC1021P Yamaha Slide Cream
Y1020 Yamaha Slide Cream
 Slide Oil
Y1016 Yam Trpt Tuning Slide Oil
 Lacquer Polish Cloths
YAC1099P Yamaha Untreated Instrument Polishing Cloth
 Trumpet/Cornet Cleaning Snakes
YAC1077P Trumpet Cleaner Vinyl Coated
 Mouthpiece Brushes
YAC1084P Yamaha Brass Mouthpiece Brush
 Cork Grease
Y1007 Yamaha Cork Grease Round
 Bore Oil
Y1004 Yamaha Bore Oil
YAC1006P Yamaha Bore Oil 40Ml
 Key Oil
YAC1003P Yamaha Key Oil
 Cloth Swabs
YAC1051P Yamaha Linen Swab With Weighted Pull String
TR300 Swab-Alto Sax
YAC1053P Yamaha Oboe Swab
 Chamois Swabs
YACASMS Yamaha Monster Swab Alto Sax
 Cleaning Rods
YAC1666P Valve Casing Cleaning Rod
 Polish and Misc. Products
YAC1048P Yamaha Duster Brush For Woodwinds
 Orchestral Polishing Cloths
YAC1059P Polishing Gauze, Yamaha
 Brass Mutes
SB5XC Silent Brass Syst for Trombone
 Trumpet Mutes
MUTR10S Trumpet Straight Mute Aluminum

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