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Korg AX100G Ax100G Multi Effects Pedal Guitar Multi Effect
Brand: Korg
Item Number: AX100G
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Korg Ax100G Multi Effects Pedal
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Korg Ax100G Multi Effects Pedal

The Ax100G Is Powered By Korg'S Rems Modeling Technology, And Packs A Wide Range Of Effects From Heavily Distorted Hi-Gain Amp Sounds, To Acoustic Guitar Modeling, Even Controlled Feedback In One Compact Unit. The Versatile Ax100G Puts You In Control Of All The Multi-Effects You Need For Primo Guitar Tone.

Everything You Hear Was Done Exclusively On A Toneworks Ax100G. Due To The Content Of Each Demo, A Large File Is Required And A High-Speed Internet Connection Is Recommended.

Rems Modeling Produces The Ax100G'S 63 Great Sounding Effects.

The Ax100G Doesn'T Skimp When It Comes To All The Guitar Sounds That Are Indispensable For Playing Live And In The Studio. Its Distortion Effects Include Fat Warm Tube Sounds, Classic To Metal Sounds, Traditional British Stack Sounds And More. Each Drive Amp Program Is Programmed With Two Drive Settings. This Allows You To Switch From Clean To Crunch Or Backing To Lead Sounds Without Changing Programs. An Essential Feature When Playing Live.

Superior Sound And Control

With 80 High Quality Programs Built In, You'Ll Never Be At A Loss For Great Sounds. You Get 40 Preset Programs And Room To Put In 40 Programs Of Your Own. And You Can Chain Up To Seven Individual Effects Together In Each Program For Awesome Versatility. In Addition To Its Variety Of Mainstay Effects, Like Chorus, Flanger And Delay, The Ax100G Includes A High Quality Cabinet Resonator. This Reproduces The Sound Of An Amplifier And Speaker Cabinet, So You Can Plug Directly Into A P.A. Or Recorder And Still Get Full, Warm, Amp Tone And Character.

The Ax100G'S Built-In Expression Pedal Puts You In The Driver'S Seat Of Up-To-The-Minute Effects Control. Use It To Add Feedback Or To Control 23 Types Of Pedal Effects In Real Time. From Volume To Wah, Chorus And Flanger, The Expression Pedal Lets You Control Your Sound.

Unique Effects

The Ax100G Includes A Uniquely Designed Intelligent Pitch Shifter That Automatically Creates Harmony As You Play. You Can Specify The Scale And Key Of The Harmony Part. The Ax100G'S Slow Attack Automatically Creates A Volume Swell For Each Note You Play. You Can Adjust The Speed Of The Attack And Threshold Level To Determine How Hard You Need To Pick Each Note.

Effect Select Mode

In This Mode You Can Press The "Down" Switch To Switch The Drive Channel While You Perform. So, If You Are Playing A Clean Sound At The Beginning Of A Song, You Can Change The Drive Channel For The Solo And Go Back Without Having To Select A New Program. Press The "Up" Switch To Turn The Modulation And Ambient Effects On Or Off. This Also Allows You To Alter Parts Of A Program While You Are Playing In Real Time Without Changing To A New Program.

Positive Feedback

The Ax100G Includes A New Virtual Feedback Effect That Allows You To Add Feedback To Your Guitar Without Having To Rely On A High Volume Amp To Create It. By Using The Expression Pedal, You Can "Grab" A Note, Hold It And Feed It Back. Add Tremolo To The Feedback And Even Select From Feedback In The Same Octave Or One Octave Higher. The Ax100G'S 7 Led Pedal Indicator Lets You Know How Much Feedback And Tremolo You'Re Adding While You'Re Playing. Get Amazing Feedback At Any Volume And Control It In Real Time!

Perfect Practice

The Handy Sample & Play Feature Of The Ax100G Allows You To Record Up To Six Seconds Of Playing And Then Loop Or Reverse Loop It. You Can Adjust The Length And Loop Direction With The Expression Pedal And Play Over Your Loops For A Full Sounding Performance.

In Addition, The Ax100G'S Phrase Sampler Lets You Record Up To Eight Seconds Of Your Own Playing Or From An External Audio Source And Reduce Its Speed Up To 25% Without Changing The Pitch. This Helps You Copy Difficult Passages Or Check Out Your Own Playing.

The Ax100G Even Comes With Over 50 Types Of Rhythm Patterns Already Pre-Set And Ready To Groove. From Rock To Jazz, Funk, Blues And Dance, You Can Play Along To Any Style, Improve Your Rhythm And Even Use Patterns To Create New Songs.

High Visibility

The Ax100G'S New Extra-Bright Seven Point Led Pedal Indicator Provides Excellent Visibility For Precise Real-Time Effect Control Changes Even On A Dark Stage. And Its Easy To See And Use Built-In Auto Chromatic Tuner Helps Keep You In Tune Without Having To Use An External Device.

Effect Types:

Drive-Amp (10 Types): Acoustic, Classic Comp, Tube Od, Classic Dist, Fat Dist, Metal Dist, Big Fuzz, Top Boost, Us Hi-Gain, Brit Stack

Modulation (16 Types): Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Pan, Auto Wah (Up), Auto Wah (Down), Pitch, Intelligent Pitch Shifter (Maj. 3 Up, Maj. 3 Down, Min. 3 Up, Min. 3 Down, 4Th, 5Th, Maj. 6Th), Slow Atack

Pedal (23 Types): Volume, Chorus 1-2, Vibrato, Flanger, Phaser, Tremoro, Pan, Wah, Filter, Ring, Pitch, Feedback Back 1-2, Delay, Echo, Room, Garage, Hall, Sample 1-2, Loop 1-2

Ambience (7 Types): Delay, Room 1-2, Garage 1-2, Hall, Arena

Cabinet (6 Types): 1 X 8" Twd, 1 X 10" Twd, 1 X 12", 2 X 12", 4 X 10", 4 X 12"

50 Rhythm Pattern Types: 8 Beat 1-6, 8 Shuffle,16 Beat 1-5, 16 Shuffle 1-4, 3/4, 6/4, 6/8, Ballad, Blues, Rock, Thrash, Dance 1, Dance 2, Disco, Euro, Funk, Jazz1, Jazz2, Motown, Reggae1, Reggae2, Surf, Country, Bossa Nova, Samba, Practice 0-9, Metronome 1-3.

Main Features:

  • 63 Types Of Hi-Quality Effects Created With Korg'S Unique Rems Modeling Technology
  • 80 (40/Preset + 40/User) Programs
  • Foot-Switchable Drive Amp Effect (2 Different Drive Effects Per Program)
  • Foot-Switchable Effect Select Mode Allows You To Switch Between The Two Drive Effects And Turn The Modulation/Ambient Effect On Or Off
  • Built-In Expression Pedal Controls 23 Types Of Pedal Effects In Real Time
  • Virtual Feedback Holds And Sustains Notes To Create Feedback
  • Intelligent Pitch Shifter Automatically Creates Harmony While You Play
  • Sample And Play Function Reproduces Or Reverses Recorded Loops
  • 50 Types Of Pcm Rhythm Patterns To Play Along With
  • Phrase Trainer For Recording And Slowing Down Phrases, So You Can Copy Them Easily
  • Aux-In Allows You To Connect An External Audio Source, Like A Cd Player
  • Instantly Edit Your Settings With On-Board Knob Controls
  • Backlit Display For Excellent Visibility Even On Stage
  • Built-In Auto Chromatic Tuner With Bypass/Mute Mode

    Korg Ax100G Multi Effects Pedal
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