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For Fender products, click here


 Item #  Brand Description Availability   Sale Price  Buy

 6157  Ernie Ball  Volume Pedal Cord/Spring Kit  $7.46  Buy! 
 0994049000  Fender  Fender 1-Button FootSwitch  $15.00  Buy! 
 FS1  Roland  Roland Fs-1: Foot Switch  $25.00  Buy! 
 0071359000  Fender  Fender FM65DSP and Super-Champ XD Footswitch  $26.25  Buy! 
 D5  AKG  Danelectro D-5 Fab Chorus Effects Pedal  $27.82  Buy! 
 GCPPM  Gibraltar  Gib Cajon Pedal Mount  $27.94  Buy! 
 FS5U  Boss  Boss Fs-5U Footswitch - Unlatching  $29.03  Buy! 
 VM20  Bespeco  Bespeco Unlatched Foot Switch  $31.50  Buy! 
 0062017  GHS  Ghs Rocktron On-Tap Adapter  $33.28  Buy! 
 SWITCHBLADE  Electro-Harmonix  Electro Harmonix Advanced Channel Selector  $36.80  Buy! 
 FS5L  Roland  Roland Foot Switch  $39.50  Buy! 
 0994051000  Fender  Fender 2 Button Footswitch  $39.87  Buy! 
 KXPB  KACES  Kaces Pedal Board bag  $39.95  Buy! 
 AB PEDAL  Boss  Ab-2: 2-Way Selector Pedal  $44.58  Buy! 
 PG2  NUX  Portable Electric Guitar Effects Box  $46.09  Buy! 
 DDMDEATHMETAL  Digitech  Metal Distortion  $49.95  Buy! 
 DGRGRUNGE  Digitech  Distortion  $49.95  Buy! 
 DHHHOTHEAD  Digitech  Distortion  $49.95  Buy! 
 DSBSCREAMINBLUES  Digitech  Overdrive/Distortion  $49.95  Buy! 
 DGR  Digitech  Digitech Grunge Distortion Pedal  $49.95  Buy! 
 DS1  Boss  Boss DS-1: Distortion Pedal  $49.99  Buy! 
 BCB30  Boss  Bcb-30: Pedal Board  $52.00  Buy! 
 BOSSSD1  Boss  Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive  $55.93  Buy! 
 FS6 BOSS  Boss  Boss Fs-6: Dual Footswitch  $57.50  Buy! 
 FS6  Boss  Boss Fs-6: Dual Footswitch  $60.00  Buy! 
 EV5  Roland  Roland Ev-5 Expression Pedal  $60.00  Buy! 
 ROP  Rocktron  Reaction Octaver Pedal  $64.45  Buy! 
 4711SC  Gibraltar  Gib Sng Chn Sng Bass Drum Ped  $64.51  Buy! 
 0234514000  Fender  Fend Micro Aby Pedal  $64.99  Buy! 
 KAEQ  Electro-Harmonix  ElectroHarmonix Knockout Attack EQ  $68.70  Buy! 
 XTDTONEDRIVER  Digitech  Overdrive  $69.95  Buy! 
 XHRHOTROD  Digitech  Rock Distortion  $69.95  Buy! 
 XHPHYPERPHASE  Digitech  7-Mode Phaser  $69.95  Buy! 
 5711S  Gibraltar  Gib Single Pedal  $69.98  Buy! 
 MD2  Boss  Boss Md-2 Mega Distortion Pedal  $70.00  Buy! 
 P830  Pearl  830 Series Bass Drum Pedal  $72.00  Buy! 
 PG1  NUX  Portable Guitar Effects Box  $75.00  Buy! 
 XMCMULTICHORUS  Digitech  Multi-Voice Chorus With Up To 16 Voices  $79.95  Buy! 
 XTF  Digitech  Digitech X-Series Turbo Flange - 7 Modes  $79.95  Buy! 
 XHP  Digitech  Digitech Hyper Phase 7 Mode Phaser  $79.95  Buy! 
 XTFTURBOFLANGE  Digitech  7-Mode Flanger  $79.95  Buy! 
 M103  Jim Dunlop  Dunlop Mxr Blue Box Pedal  $79.99  Buy! 
 0234512000  Fender  Fend Micro Eq Pedal  $79.99  Buy! 
 0234513000  Fender  Fend Micro Di Pedal  $79.99  Buy! 
 0234511000  Fender  Fend Micro Comp Pedal  $79.99  Buy! 
 BD2PEDAL  Boss  Boss Bd-2 Blues Driver Pedal  $79.99  Buy! 
 STOMPLAB1G  Vox  Vox Modeling Guitar Effects Processor  $79.99  Buy! 
 BMPICLASSIC  Electro-Harmonix  Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi  $80.40  Buy! 
 SD1 PEDAL  Boss  Boss Sd-1: Super Overdrive Pedal  $81.25  Buy! 
 BASSBIGMUFF  Electro-Harmonix  Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff Fuzz Pedal  $81.40  Buy! 
 0011571  Rocktron  Classic Wah  $87.07  Buy! 
 FV50L  Boss  Boss Fv50-L Volume Pedal Low Impedence  $89.89  Buy! 
 XMM  Digitech  Digitech X-Series Metal Distortion Pedal  $89.95  Buy! 
 XSWSYNTHWAH  Digitech  Envelope Filter  $89.95  Buy! 
 V845  Vox  Vox Classic Wah Pedal  $89.99  Buy! 
 DS2  Boss  Boss Ds-2 Turbo Distortion Pedal  $90.00  Buy! 
 OS2  Boss  Boss Os-2 Overdrive/Distortion Pedal  $90.00  Buy! 
 BMPTW  Electro-Harmonix  Big Muff Pi With Tone Wicker  $90.90  Buy! 
 6181  Ernie Ball  Ernie Ball Volume Pedal VPJR  $93.49  Buy! 
 METALMUFF  Electro-Harmonix  ElectroHarmonix Metal Muff Distortion Pedal  $94.20  Buy! 
 CRYINGTONE  Electro-Harmonix  Electro Harmonix Crying Tone Wah-Wah  $95.90  Buy! 
 CS3  Boss  Boss Cs-3 Compress Sustain Pedal  $97.89  Buy! 
 TIMECORE  NUX  Delay Effects Pedal  $99.00  Buy! 
 0011425  GHS  Ghs X-Tune Stomp Box Tuner  $99.00  Buy! 
 0011629  Rocktron  Reaction Hush Pedal  $99.33  Buy! 
 HT6  Digitech  Digitech Hardwire Polyphonic Tuner  $99.95  Buy! 
 DF7DISTORTION  Digitech  7 Different Distortion Models In One Pedal  $99.95  Buy! 
 TL2  Digitech  Hardwire Metal Distortion  $99.95  Buy! 
 XDVDIGIVERB  Digitech  Digital Reverb With 7 Types  $99.95  Buy! 
 CF7CHORUSFACTORY  Digitech  7 Different Chorus Models In One Pedal  $99.95  Buy! 
 XDV  Digitech  Digitech Digi Verb 7 Mode Digi Reverb  $99.95  Buy! 
 HT2DOD  Digitech  Hardwire Chromatic Tuner  $99.95  Buy! 
 SC2  Digitech  Digitech Hardwire Valve Distortion Pedal  $99.95  Buy! 
 NS2  Boss  Boss NS-2 Noise Supressor Pedal  $99.99  Buy! 
 TR2  Boss  Boss TR-2: Tremolo Pedal  $99.99  Buy! 
 PH3PEDAL  Boss  Boss Ph-3 Phase Shifter Pedal  $99.99  Buy! 
 2301050000  Fender  Fender EXP-1 Pedal  $99.99  Buy! 
 SL2G  Vox  Stomplab 2 Guitar Effect Pedal  $99.99  Buy! 
 MT2  Boss  Boss Mt-2 Metal Zone Distortion Pedal  $100.00  Buy! 
 LS2  Boss  Boss Ls-2 Line Selector  $100.00  Buy! 
 OD3  Boss  Boss Od-3 Overdrive Pedal  $100.00  Buy! 
 ML2  Boss  Boss Ml-2: Metal Core Pedal  $100.00  Buy! 
 FZ5  Boss  Boss Fz-5: Fuzz Pedal  $100.00  Buy! 
 6180  Ernie Ball  Ernie Ball VP Jr Mono Volume Pedal RoHS Complete  $102.12  Buy! 
 6711S  Gibraltar  Gib Single Pedal  $103.12  Buy! 
 GCB95N  Jim Dunlop  Dunlop Gcb-95 Crybaby Wah Pedal  $106.98  Buy! 
 IDFS10  Blackstar  Multi Function 3 Mode Foot Controller  $109.99  Buy! 
 FV500H  Boss  Fv-500H: Industrial-Strength Power Pedal  $109.99  Buy! 
 CH1  Boss  Boss Ch-1: Super Chorus Pedal  $109.99  Buy! 
 G3GCP  Gibraltar  Gibraltar Cajon Pedal, Version 3  $109.99  Buy! 
 CE5  Boss  Boss Ce-5 Chorus Ensemble Pedal  $110.00  Buy! 
 FV500L  Boss  Fv-500L: Industrial-Strength Power Pedal  $110.00  Buy! 
 G4BMP  Electro-Harmonix  Electro Harmonix Germanium 4 Big Muff Pi  $111.70  Buy! 
 FDR1  Boss  Boss Fdr-1: Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb Pedal  $119.00  Buy! 
 FBM1  Boss  Boss Fbm-1: Fender '59 Bassman Pedal  $119.00  Buy! 
 0011419  Rocktron  Rocktron Hex Expression / Volume Pedal Black  $119.25  Buy! 
 AW3  Boss  Boss Aw-3: Dynamic Wah  $120.00  Buy! 
 GE7  Boss  Boss GE-7 Graphic Equalizer Pedal  $120.00  Buy! 
 FV50H  Boss  Boss Fv-50H Volume Pedal High Impedence  $120.00  Buy! 
 PROPROEQ2  Fishman  Fishman PRO-EQ II Preamp/EQ  $120.95  Buy! 
 6166  Ernie Ball  Ernie Ball Volume Pedal  $123.61  Buy! 
 TR2 PEDAL  Boss  Boss Tr-2: Tremolo Pedal  $127.08  Buy! 
 FREEZE  Electro-Harmonix  Electro Harmonix Nano Freeze  $127.80  Buy! 
 203000105  Morley/Sound Enhancements  Morley Vai-1 Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah Pedal  $129.95  Buy! 
 JHF2  Jim Dunlop  Dunlop Jd-F2 Fuzz Face  $129.99  Buy! 
 95Q  Jim Dunlop  Dunlop 95Q Cry Baby Wah Wah  $129.99  Buy! 
 EVH90  Jim Dunlop  Dunlop Mxr Evh90 Phase Shifter Pedal  $129.99  Buy! 
 M267MXR  Jim Dunlop  MXR Octavio Fuzz  $129.99  Buy! 
 WM41  Jim Dunlop  Way Huge Swollen Pickle  $129.99  Buy! 
 CSP027  Jim Dunlop  MXR Timmy  $129.99  Buy! 
 OC3PEDAL  Boss  Boss OC-3 Super Octave Pedal  $129.99  Buy! 
 PH3  Boss  Boss Ph-3: Phase Shifter Pedal  $130.00  Buy! 
 AC3  Boss  Boss Ac-3: Acoustic Simulator Pedal  $130.00  Buy! 
 0011645  Rocktron  Rocktron Third Angel Distortion Guitar Effects Ped  $132.67  Buy! 
 P06182  Ernie Ball  MVP Pedal  $135.39  Buy! 
 DN2  Boss  Boss Dn-2: Dyna Drive  $136.25  Buy! 
 6185  Ernie Ball  Ernie Ball Wah Wah Pedal RoHS COM  $137.45  Buy! 
 SP7  Digitech  Digitech Hardwire Stereo Phaser Effects Pedal  $139.95  Buy! 
 DD3  Boss  Boss DD-3 Stereo Digital Delay Pedal  $140.00  Buy! 
 BACB3  Boss  Boss Ba-Cb3: Padded Gig Bag For Boss Gear  $140.00  Buy! 
 RV5  Boss  Boss Rv-5: Digital Reverb Pedal  $141.02  Buy! 
 5711DB  Gibraltar  Gib Double Pedal  $147.21  Buy! 
 P06184  Ernie Ball  Expression Series - Ambient Delay  $147.60  Buy! 
 BCB60  Roland  Bcb-60: Pedal Board  $149.00  Buy! 
 WHE800  Jim Dunlop  Way HugeŽ Purple Platypus  $149.36  Buy! 
 DD7  Boss  Boss Dd-7: Digital Delay  $149.65  Buy! 
 QZ1  Jim Dunlop  MXR QZ1 Cry Baby Q zone  $149.99  Buy! 
 P06183  Ernie Ball  Ernie Ball Expression Overdrive  $149.99  Buy! 
 4711SCDB  Gibraltar  Gib Sng Chn Dbl Bass Drum Ped  $158.50  Buy! 
 DD6  Boss  Boss Dd-6 Digital Delay  $159.00  Buy! 
 JC95B  Jim Dunlop  JC95B CANTRELL WAH BLACK  $159.99  Buy! 
 P931  Pearl  930 Series Double Pedal Expansion  $163.00  Buy! 
 510251  AGUILAR  Octamizer Effects Pedal  $163.24  Buy! 
 EVH95  Jim Dunlop  Jim Dunlop EVH95 Evh Signature Wah  $169.99  Buy! 
 9811SGD  Gibraltar  Gib Stealth G Drive Single Pedal  $174.59  Buy! 
 6711DB  Gibraltar  Gib Double Pedal  $174.59  Buy! 
 RP350  Digitech  Digitech Rp-350 Guitar Modeling Processor  $174.99  Buy! 
 RC2PEDAL  Boss  Boss Rc-2: Loop Station Pedal  $189.00  Buy! 
 PS5  Boss  Boss Ps-5 Super Shifter Pedal  $199.00  Buy! 
 CE20  Boss  Ce-20: Chorus Ensemble Twin Pedal  $199.50  Buy! 
 WHAMMY  Digitech  Whammy Re-Issue With Midi Control & Power Supply  $199.95  Buy! 
 EX7EXPRESSION  Digitech  7 Different Expression Effects And Distortion Mod  $199.95  Buy! 
 BFGO7  Jim Dunlop  BFGO7 BILLY GIBBONS OCTAVIO  $199.99  Buy! 
 OD20  Boss  Boss Od-20 Drive Zone Twin Pedal  $199.99  Buy! 
 1SKBPS8PRO  SKB  8-port Powered Pedalboard - 9VDC power, Includes 1  $203.00  Buy! 
 MICROPOG  Electro-Harmonix  Electro Harmonix Mini Poly Octave Generator  $213.80  Buy! 
 SUPEREGO  Electro-Harmonix  Electro Harmonix Synth Engine From MOOG  $214.00  Buy! 
 AD3  Boss  Boss Ad-3 Acoustic Instrument Processor  $215.83  Buy! 
 SL20PEDAL  Boss  Boss Sl-20: Slicer Pedal  $219.00  Buy! 
 RT20  Boss  Boss Rt-20: Rotary Ensemble  $220.00  Buy! 
 SMMH  Electro-Harmonix  Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man W/ Hazarai  $221.30  Buy! 
 CATHEDRAL  Electro-Harmonix  Electro Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb  $221.30  Buy! 
 0011080  Rocktron  Rocktron MidiMate Multi Function Midi Foot Control  $225.17  Buy! 
 P932L  Pearl  930 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal, left-footed  $229.00  Buy! 
 DD20  Boss  Boss Dd-20: Giga Delay Pedal  $229.00  Buy! 
 BOSSRC3  Boss  Boss Loop Station  $231.72  Buy! 
 US20  Roland  Roland Us-20: Unit Selector Floor Pedal  $234.36  Buy! 
 EQ20  Boss  Boss Eq-20: Advanced Eq Pedal  $249.58  Buy! 
 V846HW  Vox  Vox Handwired Wah pedal  $249.99  Buy! 
 RE20  Boss  Boss Re-20: Space Echo  $250.00  Buy! 
 RC20XL  Boss  Boss Rc-20Xl: Loop Stationpedal  $259.00  Buy! 
 510254  AGUILAR  Twin Filter Pedal  $269.00  Buy! 
 510252  AGUILAR  TLC Compressor Effects Pedal  $269.00  Buy! 
 EV7  Roland  Roland Ev-7: Expression Pedals  $269.00  Buy! 
 DELAYLAB  Vox  30 Delays, 28 seconds loop time  $276.67  Buy! 
 JD4S  Jim Dunlop  JD4S Dunlop Rotovibe Pedal  $279.99  Buy! 
 PROAURSPC  Fishman  Fishman Aura Spectrum DI  $284.45  Buy! 
 510250  AGUILAR  Tone Hammer Preamp/D.I. Effects Pedal  $299.00  Buy! 
 HARMONYMAN  Digitech  Smart Guitar Harmony Pedal W/ Power Supply  $299.95  Buy! 
 WHAMMYDT  Digitech  Digitech Whammy DT  $299.95  Buy! 
 P3000C  Pearl  Demon Chain Eliminator Bass Drum Pedal  $331.00  Buy! 
 9811SGDDB  Gibraltar  Gib Stealth G Drive Double Pedal  $341.30  Buy! 
 PROAIPJD1  Fishman  Fishman Jerry Douglas Signature Series - Aura Ped.  $349.95  Buy! 
 POG2  Electro-Harmonix  Electro Harmonix Advance Poly Octave Generator  $351.20  Buy! 
 P3001C  Pearl  Demon Chain Eliminator Bass Drum Pedal, Twin Pedal  $508.00  Buy! 
 P3002C  Pearl  Demon Chain Eliminator Bass Drum Double Pedal  $660.00  Buy! 
 P3002CL  Pearl  Demon Chain Eliminator Bass Drum Double Pedal, Lef  $660.00  Buy! 

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