Online Rental - Maintenance and Replacement Information

Loss Protection and Maintenance Agreement

In the event of theft, fire, or loss; the Instrument covered by this Agreement (the "Instrument") will either be replaced with like condition merchandise at the time of loss or (if permitted by applicable law) this Agreement cancelled at Seller's discretion so long as payments are current. There is no loss deductible dollar amount. This Agreement covers only the instrument and case and does not cover a partial loss of individual items such as bows or other expendable items such as cases, reeds, mouthpieces, straps, lubricants, mallets, sticks, etc. If the instrument should be destroyed by fire or stolen, Buyer must provide Seller's customer service department with an official fire or police report within 14 working days of the incident. Seller will maintain the instrument in playing condition, provided damages are not willful or due to negligence if the payments hereunder are current at the time of damages. Maintenance coverage shall include: dents on brass instruments, repair of cracked joints on wood clarinets, replacement on broken bridges and strings on violins, violas, cellos, and basses; re-hair of bows on stringed instruments and replacement of broken drum heads. Maintenance coverage does NOT include restoration of finishes or replacement of expendable items such as cases, reeds, straps, lubricants, etc. Seller or its designated agent must make any and all repairs and replacements. No other repair shop may work on the instrument and any repairs, damages, or alteration so incurred shall be fully chargeable to the Buyer. Buyer hereby authorizes representatives of Universal Melody Services to pick up this instrument at a school location for routine repairs and/or warranty inspection. This Loss Protection and Maintenance Agreement will terminate (i) when this Agreement is terminated or cancelled, or (ii) if monthly payments hereunder are not current.