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Teacher Approved
 Alto Saxophones
FASM Factory Alto Sax Mouthpiece
 Guitar Picks
GUITARPICK Teacher Approved Guitar Pick - Single
 Bass Strings
TAPBASSSTRINGS Teacher Approved Electric Bass String Set
TAPBASSSTR Teacher Approved Electric Bass String Set
 Bari Sax Mouthpieces
2337K Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece Kit w/Ligature & Cap
 Mouthpiece Savers
MPGRS Soft Black Teeth Guard Mouthpiece Patch 2Pk
 Additional Accessories
SS2611 Woodwind Mouthpiece Brush
 Slide Grease
SS1221 Teacher Approved Slide Grease: Twist Tube
 Valve Oil
SS1211 Teacher Approved Lightning Fast Valve Oil 2oz
 Spray & Squirt Bottles
SSTBB Bone Bottle - 2oz Spray Bottle
 Slide Oil
SS1218 Teacher Approved Slide Oil 1.4 Oz.
 Lacquer Polish Cloths
SS1624 Teacher Approved Soft Polish Cloth Untreated
 Trumpet/Cornet Cleaning Snakes
RBTR5P Rainbow Trumpet Snake
 Trombone Cleaning Snakes
SS1615 Teacher Approved Trombone Cleaning Snake
360 Trombone Cleaning Rod
 Mouthpiece Brushes
SS1610 Brass Mouthpiece Brush
 Other Brushes
SS1611 Teacher Approved Valve Casing Brush
 Cork Grease
703275004048 Twist Tube Cork Grease
SS2222 Twist Tube Cork Grease
 Lip Savers
239SGCL Teacher Approved Mouthpiece Saver - Single - Clear
 Cleaning Rods
CRFL Flute Cleaning Rod Plastic
361 Play One Flute Cleaning Rod
 Polish and Misc. Products
SS2612 Teacher Approved Clarinet, Sax, Flute Duster Brush
 Violin Mutes
TR3M Violin "Sihon" Wire Mute
 Viola Mutes
VM11 Sihon Wire Sliding Mute-Vla
VM14 Viola Ultra Practice Mute
 Bass Mutes
TMBA Tourte Mute - Bass
BM21 Original Sihon Wire Bass Mute
 Trumpet Lyres
500N Trumpet Lyre Nickel Plated
 Trombone Lyres
511TG Trombone Lyre Brass
 Sousaphone Lyres
500XLG Sousaphone, Euphonium, Tuba Lyre Straight 8"
 Clarinet Lyres
506N Clarinet Lyre W/Ring Nickel
507N Bass Clarinet Lyre Nickel
 Clarinet Mouthpiece Caps
324P Teacher Approved Clarinet Mouthpiece Cap Plastic
 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Caps
326P Teacher Approved Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Cap
 End Plugs
SS2011 Flute Plugs: Cork (5Pk)
 End Pin Anchors
101RS Endpin Anchor Bass Rockstop
 Clarinet Ligatures
332N Clarinet Ligature Nickel Plated
 Alto Saxophone Ligatures
334N Teacher Approved Alto Sax Ligature Nickel Plated
 Bass Clarinet Ligatures
531N Bass Clarinet Ligature Nickel Plated
 Violin Accessory Kits
VLNVLAPK1 Violin & Viola Accessory Pack (Fom, Stand & Book)
VLNVLAPK2 Violin & Viola Accessory Pack (Rest, Stand & Book)
 Cello Accessory Kits
CELLOBASSPK3 Cello & Bass Accessory Package (stop,stand & book)
CELLOBASSPK4 Cello & Bass Accessory Package (Stop,Stand & Book)
 Rental Instruments
VLNSPECIAL34 DLX 3/4 Size NEW Violin Rental - $21.99/Month
 Flute Rentals & Supplies
TAPFLPRENTAL Previously Rented Flute Rental - $29.99/Month
TAPFLRENTAL New Teacher Approved Flute Rental - $35.99/Month
TAPOFLBPRENTAL Previously Rented Flute w/B Rental - $39.99/Month
TAPOFLPRENTAL Previously Rented Flute Rental $39.99/Month
TAPOFLRENTAL New (Open-Hole) Flute Rental - $45.99/Month
TAP30MOFLRENTAL New Open Hole Flute Rental - $45.99/Month
TAPOFLBRENTAL New Open-Hole w/B Flute Rental - $45.99/Month
TAPOSSBPRENTAL PR Open-Hole SS B Foot Flute Rental $45.99/Month
TAPOSSBRENTAL New Open-Hole SS B Foot Flute Rental $49.99/Month
 Bb Clarinet Rentals & Supplies
TAPPCLPRENTAL Previously Rented Clarinet Rental $29.99/Month
TAPPCLRENTAL New Non-wood Clarinet Rental - $35.99/Month
TAPWCLPRENTAL Previously Rented Wood Clarinet Rental $39.99/Mo
TAPWCLRENTAL New Wood Clarinet Rental $45.99/Mo
 Alto Saxophone Rentals & Supplies
TAPASAXPRENTAL Previously Rented Alto Sax Rental - $49.99/Month
TAPASAXRENTAL New Alto Saxophone Rental - $55.99/Month
 Tenor Saxophone Rentals & Supplies
TAPTSAXPRENTAL Previously Rented Tenor Sax Rental $59.99/Month
TAPTSAXRENTAL New Tenor Sax Rental W/Mouthpiece $69.99/Month
 Oboe Rentals & Supplies
TAPOBOPRENTAL Teacher Approved Previously Rented Oboe $59.99/M
 Bassoon Rentals & Supplies
TAPBSNPRENTAL Teacher Approved Bassoon Rental $79.99/Month
 Trumpet/Cornet Rentals & Supplies
TAPTRPRENTAL Previously Rented Trumpet Rental - $29.99/Month
TAPTRRENTAL New Trumpet Rental - $35.99/Month
 Trombone Rentals & Supplies
TAPTBNPRENTAL Previously Rented Tenor Trombone Rental -$29.99/Mo
TAPTBNRENTAL New Tenor Trombone Rental - $35.99/Month
TAPFTBNPRENTAL Previously Rented Trombone w/F Rental-$35.99/Month
TAPFTBNRENTAL New Trombone w/F Rental - $39.99/Month
TAPPFTBNRENTAL New Premium Trombone w/F Rental - $59.99/Month
 French Horn Rentals & Supplies
TAPFHNPRENTAL Teacher Approved Single French Horn Rental $39.99
TAPDFHPRENTAL Previously Rented Double Horn Rental $59.99/Mo
 Baritone/Euphonium Rentals & Supplies
TAP3VEPRENTAL Previously Rented 3 V. Euphonium Rental-$39.99/Mo
TAP4vEPRENTAL Previously Rented 4 V. Euphonium Rental -$59.99
 Cornet Rentals & Supplies
TAPCORPRENTAL Previously Rented Cornet Rental - $29.99/Month
 Tuba Rentals & Supplies
TAP3VTPRENTAL Previously Rented 3 Valve Tuba Rental - $89.99
 1/4 Violin Rentals & Supplies
TAP14RENTAL Basic1/4 Size Violin Outfit Rental - $16.99/Month
HV14RENTAL Deluxe 1/4 Violin Outfit Rental - $18.99/Month
 1/2 Violin Rentals & Supplies
TAP12RENTAL Basic 1/2 Size Violin Outfit Rental - $16.99/Month
HV12PRENTAL Deluxe 1/2 Violin Outfit Rental - $18.99/Month
 3/4 Violin Rentals & Supplies
TAP34RENTAL Basic 3/4 Size Violin Outfit Rental - $16.99/Month
HV34PRENTAL Deluxe 3/4 Size Violin Outfit Rental-$18.99/Month
 4/4 Violin Rentals & Supplies
HV44PRENTAL Deluxe 4/4 Size Violin Outfit Rental-$24.99/Month
 12" Viola Rentals & Supplies
TAP12VARENTAL Basic 12" Viola Outfit Rental - $16.99/Month
HVA12PRENTAL Deluxe 12" Viola Outfit Rental - $18.99/Month
 13" Viola Rentals & Supplies
TAP13VARENTAL Basic 13" Viola Outfit Rental - $16.99/Month
HVA13PRENTAL Deluxe 13 inch Viola Outfit Rental - $18.99/Month
 14" Viola Rentals & Supplies
TAP14VARENTAL Basic 14" Viola Outfit Rental - $16.99/Month
HVA14PRENTAL Deluxe 14" Viola Outfit Rental - $18.99/Month
 15" Viola Rentals & Supplies
HVA15RENTAL Deluxe 15" Viola Outfit Rental - $24.99/Month
 16" Viola Rentals & Supplies
HVA16RENTAL Deluxe 16" Viola Outfit Rental - $24.99/Month
 1/4 Cello Rentals & Supplies
TAP14CERENTAL Basic 1/4 Size Cello Rental Outfit - $29.99/Month
TAP14CEPRENTAL Deluxe 1/4 Size Cello Outfit Rental-$35.99/Month
 1/2 Cello Rentals & Supplies
TAP12CERENTAL Basic 1/2 Size Cello Rental Outfit - $29.99/Month
TAP12CEPRENTAL Deluxe 1/2 Size Cello Outfit Rental - $35.99/Month
 3/4 Cello Rentals & Supplies
TAP34CERENTAL Basic 3/4 Size Cello Rental Outfit - $29.99/Month
TAP34CEPRENTAL Deluxe 3/4 Size Cello Outfit Rental - $35.99/Month
 4/4 Cello Rentals & Supplies
TAP44CEPRENTAL Deluxe 4/4 Size Cello Outfit Rental - $49.99/Month
 1/8 Bass Rentals & Supplies
GM200DB18PRENTAL Deluxe 1/8 Bass Outfit Rental $49.99/Month
 1/4 Bass Rentals & Supplies
TAP14BAPRENTAL Deluxe 1/4 Bass Outfit Rental $49.99/Month

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