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F. Schmidt
 Bb Trumpets
M1836 F. Schmidt Bb pro trumpet "mariachi" model w/ case
A180S F. Schmidt Silver Plated Trumpet
A180SDLX F. Schmidt Silver Plated Trumpet
H300L F. Schmidt Student Trumpet
XK1 F. Schmidt XK1 Silver Trumpet 1 pc Bell w/Case
XK2 F. Schmidt Silver Trumpet
H301L F. Schmidt Student Trumpet
 C Trumpets
C180S C Trumpet, Large Bore (.462), One Piece Bell, #36
 Pocket Trumpets
PKT101S F.Schmidt Bb Pocket Trumpet - Silver
 Piccolo Trumpets
PIC445 F. Schmidt Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet
 Harmony & Specialty
E180S F. Schmidt Eb/D Professional Trumpet
SD200LT F. Schmidt Bb Cornet - Lacquer
FATL F. Schmidt Alto Trombone-Lacquer
FATR F. Schmidt Alto Trombone rose brass bell-lacquer
547GBLT F. Schmidt Bb Trombone w/F attachment
 Tenor Trombones
547LT F. Schmidt Bb Trombone - F Attachment
FTB500 F. Schmidt Bb Tenor Trombone
FS50H F. Schmidt Bb Trombone w/F Attachment
FTB501N F. Schmidt Bb tenor Trombone
FSVT F. Schmidt Bb tenor Trombone
 Bass Trombones
FS50B3 F. Schmidt Bass Trombone
 Single French Horns
LY200BR F. Schmidt Single Horn
 Double French Horns
FSD561L F. Schmidt F/Bb Double Horn
FSD561N F. Schmidt F/Bb Double Horn
MEP202MS F. Schmidt Bb Marching Euphonium
MEP202M F. Schmidt Bb Marching Euphonium
F3VBL F. Schmidt Bb Baritone-British
F3VBS F. Schmidt Bb Baritone-British
F3VLBB F. Schmidt Bb Baritone-British
 Non-Compensating 3 Valve Euphoniums
F3VL F. Schmidt 3 Valve Euphonium - Lacquer
F3VS F. Schmidt 3 Valve Euphonium - Silver
 Non-Compensating 4 Valve Euphoniums
F4VL F.Schmidt 4-Valve Euphonium - Lacquer
F4VS F. Schmidt 4 Valve Euphonium - Silver
F31VL F. Schmidt Bb Euphonium
F31VS Bb euphonium,3 upright & 1 side valve
 Compensating Euphoniums
F4VCES F. Schmidt 4 Valve Euphonium - Silver
 3/4 BBb Tubas
F3VT 3/4 BBb Tuba - 3 Upright Valves
F3V34LT 3/4 BBb Tuba - 3 Side Action Valves
F4V34LT 3/4 BBb Tuba - 4 Side Action Valves
 4/4 BBb Tubas Piston
F4V44LT BBb 4/4 front action valve tuba clear lacquer
F4VLT BBb 4/4 tuba 4 upright valves laquer finish
 4/4 BBb Tubas Rotary
DSF186 F. Schmidt 4 Rotary Valve Tuba W/ Case
 5/4, 6/4 CC Tubas
DSF190 F. Schmidt BBb 5/4 Rotary Valve Tube w/ Case
MM204S F. Schmidt F Marching Mellophone
MM204L F.Schmidt Marching F Mellophone
FS3F F. Schmidt Bb Marching Sousaphone-fiberglass
FS3VL F. Schmidt Bb Marching Sousaphone
FS3VS F. Schmidt Bb Marching Sousaphone
 Marching Baritones
MBR-301M F. Schmidt Bb Marching Baritone Horn
MBR-301MS F. Schmidt Bb Marching Baritone Horn
 Marching Trumpets
MUSTANG-L F. Schmidt Bb Prof. Trumpet-Upturned Bell
MUSTANG-S F. Schmidt Bb Prof. Trumpet-Upturned Bell
 Marching French Horns
MFH302S F. Schmidt Bb Marching French Horn
MFH302L F. Schmidt Bb Marching French Horn
 Specialty Brass
F3VAH F. Schmidt Eb Alto/Tenor Horn
SD200FH F. Schmidt Bb Flugelhorn - Lacquer
SD200FHS F. Schmidt Bb Flugelhorn - Silver
 Soprano Saxophones
FSSM F. Schmidt Soprano Sax Mute
 Alto Saxophones
FASM F. Schmidt Alto Sax Mute
 Tenor Saxophones
FTSM F. Schmidt Tenor Saxophone Mute
 Conductor Batons
DB1BATON F.Schmidt Director Baton
DB4 F.Schmidt Director's Baton
 Trumpet Mouthpieces
TRJHD Jhd Series Trumpet Mouthpiece
TRM3CUSA F. Schmidt 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece - USA
TRM7CUSA 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece - Made in the USA
JHDT Mouthpiece-Trumpet-Jhd Series
TRM5CUSA Schmidt 5C Trumpet Mouthpiece - Made In The USA
TRM5C 5C Trumpet Mouthpiece
TRM7C 7C Trumpet Mouthipece
TRM3C 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece
TRM5B 5B Trumpet Mouthpiece
 Baritone/Trombone (Small Shank) Mouthpieces
TBM65 F. Schmidt 6.5AL Trbn Mpc Small Shank gold plate
JHDTS Mouthpiece-Tbone-Jhd-Std
TBM51DSUSA Schmidt 51D Small Shank - Made in the USA
TBM65USA Trombone standard shank 6.5 AL mouthpiece, silver
TSJHD Jdh Series Trombone Small Shank Mouthpiece
 Baritone/Trombone (Large Shank) Mouthpieces
BTJHD Jhd Series Bass Trombone Mouthpiece
TLJHD Jhd Series Trombone Large Shank
TBM51DLUSA Schmidt 51D Large Shank - Made in the USA
JHDBT Mouthpiece-Tbone-Bass-Jhd
JHDTL Mouthpiece-Euphonium-Jhd-Large
TBM65L 6 1/2 Al Trombone Mouthpiece Large Shank
 Cornet Mouthpieces
CRM5C 5C Cornet Mouthpiece
JHDC Mouthpiece-Cornet-Jhd Series
CRM7C 7C Cornet Mouthpiece
CRM5B 5B Cornet Mouthpiece
CRJHD Jhd Series Cornet Mouthpiece
CRM3C 3C Cornet Mouthpiece
 French Horn Mouthpieces
FHMC F. SChmidt French Horn MC Mouthpiece
FHMC8 C8 French Horn Mouthpiece
FHMC8USA C8 French Horn Mouthpiece
FHMCUSA F. Schmidt MC French Horn Mthpc. - Made in the USA
FHMDCUSA Schmidt French Horn MP, meduim deep cup, silver pl
FHMDC Schmidt MDC French Horn Mouthpiece
JHDF Jhd Series French Horn Mouthpiece
 Tuba Mouthpieces
TUM18 18 Tuba Mouthpice
TUM24 Mouthpiece-Tuba-24Aw
JHDTU Mouthpiece-Tuba-Jhd Series
TUJHD Jhd Series Tuba Mouthpiece
TUM24AW 24Aw Tuba Mouthpiece
 Slide Grease
11835 F. Schmidt Slide Grease W/ Lanolin

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