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La Bella
 Acoustic Strings
0760M LaBella 0760M Original 1954 Flatwnd 52-110
 Bass Strings
760FSTB Set Bass Dtb Ss Flt Wd Stnrd Thru-Body 45-105
S500L Set Db Bass Ss Flt Wd Lite 43-104
 Nylon Guitar Strings
422 Labella Classic Single Sil Bass .030
427 La Bella Pacesetter Nylon String Set
830 La Bella Folksinger Ball End Nylon Strings
850B La Bella Guitar String St
2001HARD La Bella 2001 Series Classical Gt String Set Hard
2001LIGHT La Bella Light Tens Classic Guitar String Set
2001MED La Bella Classic Guitar String Set- Medium
860 La Bella Classic Guitar String Set
 Banjo Strings
17LAB La Bella Nylon 5 Stg Banjo Set
 Ukulele Strings
H100 La Bella Baritone Ukulele Nylon String Set
25UKE La Bella Baritone Uke String Set
 Miscelaneous Fretted Instrument Strings
VM300 LaBella Vihuela Strings - Set of 5
RQ80 La Bella Requinto Nylon String Set
TM40LAB Set Tambura
TM40T La Bella Tambura String Set
OU80 La Bella Oud String Set
OU80A LaBella OU80A Oud String Set, Arabic Tuning
BX100 La Bel Bajo Sexto 10Stg St
ST30 La Bella Sitar String Set
GUI Guitarone String Set
BX120 La Bel Bajo Sexto 12Stg Set
7CU Set Early Inst Lute Prof Series 7 Crs Tenor
ATB Labella Autoharp String Set
 Mandolin Strings
MF20 Set Mandolin Ss Flat Wd 10-35
 Bass Strings
S500M Set Db Bass Ss Flt Wd Med 49-109
760QLB Set Bass Dtb Ss Qtr Wd Lite 5Str 42-128
980 Labella Gut Bass String Set
 Micellaneous Parts
416 .028 Guage Single Classical String Clear Treble
TIM11 Sngle Timple 1St - 1 Ea
TIM12 Sngle Timple 2Nd - 1 Ea
C751 Sngl Crit Cls Gtr Clear Nyln C750/1St
C801LAB Sngl Crit Cls Gtr Blk Nyln C800/1St
TIM13 Sngle Timple 3Rd - 1 Ea
TIM14 Sngle Timple 4Th - 1 Ea
C752 Sngl Crit Cls Gtr Clear Nyln C750/2Nd
C802 Sngl Crit Cls Gtr Blk Nyln C800/2Nd
CPS008 Sngl Criterion Plain Steel 008
CPS009 Sngl Criterion Plain Steel 009
CPS010 Sngl Criterion Plain Steel 010
CPS011 Sngl Criterion Plain Steel 011
CPS012 Sngl Criterion Plain Steel 012
CPS013 Sngl Criterion Plain Steel 013
CPS014 Sngl Criterion Plain Steel 014
CPS015 Sngl Criterion Plain Steel 015
CPS016 Sngl Criterion Plain Steel 016
CPS017 Sngl Criterion Plain Steel 017
CPS018 Sngl Criterion Plain Steel 018
CPS019 Sngl Criterion Plain Steel 019
C753 Sngl Crit Cls Gtr Clear Nyln C750/3Rd
C803 Sngl Crit Cls Gtr Blk Nyln C800/3Rd
RN028L Sngl Argento Rect Nyln 028
RN029M Sngl Argento Rect Nyln 029
RN030H Sngl Argento Rect Nyln 030
BZ010 Sngl Bouzouki 010
BZ013 Sngl Bouzouki 013
C111 Sngl Cuatro De Sur Amer C11/022 1St
RQ81 Sngl Requinto 028/1St
RN016 Sngl Rectified Nyln 016
RN017 Sngl Rectified Nyln 017
RN018 Sngl Rectified Nyln 018
RN019 Sngl Rectified Nyln 019
RN020 Sngl Rectified Nyln 020
RN021 Sngl Rectified Nyln 021
RN022 Sngl Rectified Nyln 022
RN023 Sngl Rectified Nyln 023
RN024 Sngl Rectified Nyln 024
RN025 Sngl Rectified Nyln 025
RN0255 Sngl Rectified Nyln 0255
RN026 Sngl Rectified Nyln 026
RN0265 Sngl Rectified Nyln 0265
RN027 Sngl Rectified Nyln 027
RN028 Sngl Rectified Nyln 028
RN0285 Sngl Rectified Nyln 0285
RN029 Sngl Rectified Nyln 029
RN030 Sngl Rectified Nyln 030
71GPT Snlg Acous Gtr Pb X-Lite 010Ps/7Gpt 1St
72GPT Snlg Acous Gtr Pb X-Lite 014Ps/7Gpt 2Nd
71GPS Snlg Acous Gtr Pb Lite 012Ps/7Gps 1St
72GPS Snlg Acous Gtr Pb Lite 016Ps/7Gps 2Nd
71GPCL Snlg Acous Gtr Pb Cstm-Lite 010Ps/7Gpcl 1St
72GPCL Snlg Acous Gtr Pb Cstm-Lite 015Ps/7Gpcl 2Nd
71GPB Snlg Acous Gtr Pb Bgrass 012Ps/7Gpb 1St
72GPB Snlg Acous Gtr Pb Bgrass 016Ps/7Gpb 2Nd
71GPM Snlg Acous Gtr Pb Med 013Ps/7Gpm 1St
72GPM Snlg Acous Gtr Pb Med 017Ps/7Gpm 2Nd
41PT Sngl Acous Gldn Alloy 010Ps/40Pt 1St
42PT Sngl Acous Gldn Alloy 014Ps/40Pt 2Nd
41PCL Sngl Acous Gldn Alloy 011Ps/40Pcl 1St
42PCL Sngl Acous Gldn Alloy 015Ps/40Pcl 2Nd
41PS Sngl Acous Gldn Alloy 012Ps/40Ps 1St
42PS Sngl Acous Gldn Alloy 016Ps/40Ps 2Nd
41PR Sngl Acous Gldn Alloy 013Ps/40Pr 1St
42PR Sngl Acous Gldn Alloy 017Ps/40Pr 2Nd
41PB Sngl Acous Gldn Alloy 012Ps/40Pb 1St
42PB Sngl Acous Gldn Alloy 016Ps/40Pb 2Nd
41PH Sngl Acous Gldn Alloy 014Ps/40Ph 1St
42PH Sngl Acous Gldn Alloy 018Ps/40Ph 2Nd
41PM Sngl Acous Gldn Alloy 013Ps/40Pm 1St

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