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Practica Musica 4.0 For Mac/Pc
Brand: Thinkware
Item Number: PRACMUS4
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Practica Musica 4.0 For Mac/Pc

Practica Musica 4.0 For Mac/Pc

A Complete Music Theory/Ear Training Tutor For Both Mac And Win 95/98. Includes A Wide Variety Of Customizable Activities, Including Rhythm Tapping In 1 Or 2 Parts, Chord Progressions, Polyphonic Dictation, Writing Tools, And Much More.

It'S Here! Practica Musica, Ars Nova'S Award-Winning Music Theory And Ear Training Software, Has Received Its Most Significant Upgrade To Date: Version 4. Now Compatible With Both Windows And Macintosh, Practica Musica 4 Has Many New Features That Make It The New Standard For Music Education Software.

  • Fully Customizable Learning Activities That Meet A Wide Variety Of Needs, From Beginning Students To Advanced Theory And Ear Training.
  • Polyphonic Capabilities (Try 2-Part Rhythm Tapping Or 4-Part Dictation).
  • Practica Musica 4 Works With Or Without Midi (Use The Screen Piano Or Use The Computer'S Letter Keys As A Piano), But It Is Now Compatible With Usb Midi On The Macintosh, As Well As Quicktime Instruments And Built-In Sampled Sounds. The Macintosh Version Supports Oms, Freemidi, And Midi Manager Via Quicktime; The Windows Version Supports Sampled Sounds, Midi And Internal Synthesizer Sounds As Per The Capabilities Of Your Sound Card.
  • New Included Textbook "Exploring Theory With Practica Musica" (Evans) Is Coordinated With The Program, Which Includes Special Activities To Go With The Textbook And Players That Perform The Music Examples In The Book. "Exploring Theory..." Also Includes Tear-Out Written Exercises And A Section Of Class Music For Those Using The Program In Shcool.
  • Users Can Choose Which Activities Are Included, Can Edit Existing Ones Or Create New Ones, And Can Download Activities From Ars Nova'S Web Site.
  • New Writing Tools Let Students Create Their Own Music On Single Or Multiple Staves, Hear It, Save It, And Print It.
  • Standard (One Computer) Edition Includes 4 User Files For Personal Scorekeeping And One Instructor File That Also Can Be Used For Scorekeeping.
  • Activities Included With Version 4 Range From Rhythm Tapping And Simple Pitch Reading And Sightreading Of Melody, To Melodic Dictation In 1, 2, Or 4 Parts, Chord Progression Ear Training, And Tranposition Exercises.

    Practica Musica Is A Comprehensive Music Theory/Ear Training Tutor. By That We Mean That It Does Many Different Things, Covering All The Most Important Topics Involved In Music Training. When Comparing Music Education Software, We Invite You To Check For These Capabilities:

    (1) Notation. Does The Program Display Real Music Notation? Some Do Not Display Notation At All, And Some Display Only Pitches Without The Rhythmic Element. Practica Musica Displays Full Music Notation.

    (2) Is The Notation Interactive? That Is, Is It Just Premade Pictures Of Music, Or Is It A Live Staff System Whose Contents Can Change With Your Input? Practica Musica'S Staves Are Live, Because Underneath Practica Musica Is The Engine Of An Actual Notation Program.

    (3) Do The Exercises Include Real-Time Rhythm Tapping? Practica Musica Features Rhythm Matching, Rhythm Reading, And Pitch/Rhythm Reading, All Of Which Are Real-Time Exercises In Which You Play Notes Along With A Metronome.

    (4) Does The Program Deal With Chords, And Particularly With Chord Progressions - A Series Of Chords? Practica Musica Offers Chord Playing, Chord Spelling, Chord Ear Training, And Chord Progression Ear Training.

    (5) Are The Exercises Preprogrammed (Limited Possibilities), Or Are They Newly Generated Each Time You Run The Program (Limitless Possibilities)? Practica Musica Generates Its Examples Each Time One Is Requested - Even The Melodies And Chord Progressions - So That You Will Never Run Out Of New Material. Some Activities, Such As Melodic Dictation, Also Can Draw On Library Melodies As An Alternative To The Generated Ones.

    (6) Is The Program Part Of A Comprehensive Training Plan? Practica Musica Includes A Fundamentals Textbook, Exploring Theory With Practica Musica, That Was Written To Accompany The Program And Is Integrated With It. Practica Musica Can Even Play The Music Examples In The Textbook!

    (7) Does The Program Track Your Progress? The Site License Edition Of Practica Musica Will Track The Progress Of Any Number Of Students (Up To The Number Of Student Disks Or Student Files In Use), And The Standard Edition Tracks 4 Students And 1 Instructor.

    (8) Consider Customization. Each Practica Musica Activity Can Be Extensively Customized By The Instructor.

    (9) Is Midi Required? Practica Musica Is Fully Midi Compatible (Oms, Freemidi, Midimanager, Usb, Quicktime), But Does Not Require Midi. Input Can Be Via The Letter Keyboard, Or The Onscreen Piano Keyboard (Or Guitar Fretboard). Output Can Be Via The Internal Speaker In Your Computer.

    We Think That Practica Musica Provides The Greatest Value In A Package Designed To Train The Ear And Develop One'S Understanding Of The Workings Of Music.

    Activities In Practica Musica 4:

  • Pitch Matching
  • Pitch Reading
  • Rhythm Reading
  • 2 Part Rhythm Reading
  • Rhythm Matching
  • Pitch & Rhythm Reading
  • Interval Playing
  • Interval Spelling
  • Interval Ear Training
  • Scales
  • Chord Playing
  • Chord Spelling
  • Chord Ear Training
  • Chord Progression Ear Training
  • Progressive Pitch Dictation
  • Rhythm Dictation
  • Pitch & Rhythm Dictation
  • 2 Part Dictation
  • Tonal Transposition
  • Real Transposition
  • Melody Writing
  • 2 Part Composition
  • 4 Part Composition
  • * Active Listening

    ...And More!

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